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Whether you have a walk-in pantry (ok, I’m envious) or a couple of deep shelves in the kitchen, your game plan in two words is this: zone defense. Here’s how it’s played: 1. Completely empty out the entire space. 2. Sort items, grouping like with like. 3. Discard all expired foods. 4. Consider donating large [...]

Let’s face it; the room we use to clean and groom ourselves should not resemble a science experiment gone wrong. In fact, studies show that that you can actually get sick from the filth left behind in the bathroom. But you can have a spa-like bathroom with a little elbow grease and some simple, smart [...]

What’s weighing you down? Clothes, toys, books or electronics? Just tackling one of these categories could lighten your load and spring you into action, ready to tackle more.     Pick a category to focus on (clothes, toys, books or electronics) and then follow these steps for success: Select your donation destination – that is, [...]