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Live in the moment!

February 1st, 2017

Are you guilty of saving more of your past than you—or anyone else in your family— will ever want? Have you saved every Picasso created by your first-born? Do you still display dust-covered sports trophies from way back in the ‘90s? Do you have every report card, book report and science fair board your kids [...]

What’s weighing you down? Clothes, toys, books or electronics? Just tackling one of these categories could lighten your load and spring you into action, ready to tackle more.     Pick a category to focus on (clothes, toys, books or electronics) and then follow these steps for success: Select your donation destination – that is, [...]

1. Decorations: Take a good hard look at all of your holiday decorations, starting with the ones that never made it out of the box, before packing them up. Do a quick sort and donate or ditch items that your family is done using, has never used or will likely not use again. 2. Toys: [...]