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Live in the moment!

February 1st, 2017

Live in the moment!

Are you guilty of saving more of your past than you—or anyone else in your family— will ever want? Have you saved every Picasso created by your first-born? Do you still display dust-covered sports trophies from way back in the ‘90s? Do you have every report card, book report and science fair board your kids worked hard on stashed away? No guilt here, just a dose of reality. Ask yourself a simple question: Why? Why are you keeping memorabilia that no one has looked at for years? As professional organizing guru Peter Walsh says: “If we save everything because it’s special, then nothing is special.” Now, don’t get me wrong: I am not advising you to simply trash every scrap of memorabilia in your home. Instead, take stock and weed out your true favorites. Here are some tips for living in the moment:


1. Ask family members if they want what you’re holding onto. Simply asking the question may give you the freedom to recycle, donate or trash memorabilia that no one actually wants.

2. Take a picture or scan the document. If you want to capture a special event, or age, take pictures of items relating to it. For paper memorabilia, consider scanning the items to create digital keepsakes (think recital programs, report cards, and vacation itineraries).

3. Make a scrapbook, a photo album or perhaps a coffee table book. Take stock, and decide what you absolutely want to save. Take a picture of it and recycle, donate or trash the physical item.

4. Create a shadow box of fun, three-dimensional items, tied to a special event.

5. Resolve to actually go through sealed boxes that were moved, but long forgotten, after the death of a loved one. You can enjoy the walk down memory lane and decide what you truly want to preserve and what you can live without. Your loved one would likely agree it’s best to enjoy life now by living in the moment.



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