Ashe Organizing Solutions

With spring just around the corner you might be gearing up for Little League season, softball games, joining a golf league, or jogging on local trails. Whatever your sport or hobby, you’ll enjoy the sport more with this triple-play game plan:

1. Prepare to play. Sounds easy enough, but how many times have you (or your child) arrived at the field, missing a key element to play in the game? One cleat, a mouth guard, sunglasses. It’s always something small that is completely essential. To avoid that, place your well-stocked bag at your launching pad (that place organizers refer to as the spot closest to the door you exit) the night before.

2. Participate in the event. Again, sounds easy enough, but actually take the time to enjoy the selected sport of choice. Be fully present and participate. Whether you’re a spectator or a participant, ditch the cell phone and thoroughly engage in the activity.

3. Prepare to play again. When you come home from a game or practice, take the time to empty sport bags, wash and refill water bottles, place dirty uniforms in the laundry room and restock any other items you need to play again. These few minutes at the end of play can make all the difference when it’s game time again.

Prepare – Participate – Prepare Again…. a sound triple play that works every time! It also works for the non-sport enthusiasts for activities like playing a musical instrument, taking a family bike ride, getting out of the house in the morning with less stress or nailing a great bedtime routine. Try it; you might just score a triple play!

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