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Organizing products to love!


Like Oprah, Ashe Organizing Solutions has our own list of favorite things. In fact, we absolutely love the following products and stash them in our workbag, which we affectionately refer to as our Mary Poppins satchel!

1. Post-it Notes, especially the super sticky variety! Always at the ready, a pack of Post-it Notes is the perfect organizing tool to temporarily label piles, files and bins as we work through the organizing process. We love that we can stick a label on a pile and give it a name and destination. And when we move items to their proper home, the temporary label can easily be replaced with a permanent one.

2. Sharpies! We gravitate to black sharpies, but any color will do. They make a bold, easily readable statement when used. No guesswork—bold and beautiful!

3. Label Maker! Add a label maker to your home toolbox and you can polish off any organized bin, shelf or space with a clear, bold label. Always the finishing touch to an organizing project, you’ll be amazed at how much better a space can look and feel with uniform labels.

4. Time Timer []. We were first introduced to this tool at a NAPO conference. It is a great productivity tool when you need to focus on one thing and get it done. I often set the timer for 30 minutes of focused time, and love to “see” the time shrink.

5. Banker boxes – O.K. we are obsessed with banker boxes and should likely purchase stock in the company. Whether you use the brand named Bankers Box, or the less expensive models, these boxes are the best thing since sliced bread. They’re great because they hold more than you expect, can stack up easily (because of uniform shape and lid) and have ample room for a great big label to clearly show the contents.


PS: Shredder. With the ever-increasing incidents of identity theft, we encourage all of our clients to invest in a shredder. Shred any papers with personal and/or confidential information. Don’t leave it to chance. Fun fact, shared by my favorite Staples Tech guy: do not run your shredder to the point of over-heating. Yes, shredders over-heat and will cease to run, until the motor cools down. Running the shredder to the point of actually over-heating it, will, over time, damage the motor. So be kind to your shredder and run it in shorter intervals. It will be your new, best friend for even longer. Or bring your shredding box to Staples and let them do it for you (99¢ per pound).

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