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Whether you have a walk-in pantry (ok, I’m envious) or a couple of deep shelves in the kitchen, your game plan in two words is this: zone defense. Here’s how it’s played: 1. Completely empty out the entire space. 2. Sort items, grouping like with like. 3. Discard all expired foods. 4. Consider donating large [...]

Let’s face it; the room we use to clean and groom ourselves should not resemble a science experiment gone wrong. In fact, studies show that that you can actually get sick from the filth left behind in the bathroom. But you can have a spa-like bathroom with a little elbow grease and some simple, smart [...]

    A household maintenance checklist can save you time and money! Don’t leave it to chance to remember the items in your home that need regular maintenance to keep them in top shape. Note when to tackle these items on your calendar, as needed. Here are some fan favorites: 1. Test smoke and carbon [...]

Happy trumps perfect every time!

December 10th, 2014

  I strive to be happy, not perfect. Here are my tips for savoring the holidays:   Make a list and check it twice.  Just like they do at the North Pole, make a list and check it twice. Don’t simply splurge on random purchases. Know who you’re buying for, set a budget, brainstorm some [...]

      1. Locate all the vital documents. Yes, start “The Talk” by first locating all the vital documents — a will, a health care proxy, a power of attorney, etc. — you would need should a parent or loved one have an emergency. The last thing anyone needs is the frightful feeling of [...]